There is no off-season:’s move to YUI

14 January 2012

Back in November I gave a talk at YUIConf about the NFL’s move from Prototype to YUI. Shamefully late, I present my slides from the event minus a certain logo. Slides that simply regurgitate an authors notes are anathema to me, so they may not make a lot of sense out of context. However, my [...]

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D&D 4E Fast Combat House Rules

12 August 2011

The following house rules are an attempt to speed up 4E D&D combat and make games more fast-paced, interactive and fun. It also allows a more seamless transition between role-play and combat–the wizard can explore the ancient library of his own accord without standing behind the fighter, expecting monsters to pop out. I’d appreciate any [...]

How I post things to the Internet

16 April 2011

I submit the following diagram somewhat ironically, perhaps as an explanation as to why these pages are so bare. I've found myself a member of so many status, friendship, check-in and sharing-focused services that it's hard to keep them sorted. WordPress, through no fault of its own, has fallen out of my workflow.

You Needy Bastard: WoW need vs. greed etiquette

7 March 2011

Do I need an item? Did they verb the word greed? The Need vs. Greed treasure interface can be confusing to a new player who isn’t used to it. But it’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it. When loot rules are set to Need Vs. Greed, Whenever someone tries to pick up [...]

Hearts in Shadow

12 September 2010

The teaser for my new adventure has been posted on Living Forgotten Realms group site. To tease the teaser: “[This ring] was found in an old ruin several leagues north from here, … We identified it as a relic of an old god, long forgotten. Powerful, but cursed. Not to be easily used by… infidels, [...]


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