I’m a writer, web developer, and unabashed nerd living in Los Angeles, California with two cats, several plants and a beautiful woman.

I was raised by family of kind wolves who eventually reunited me with my parents near Detroit, Michigan. I wrote my first novel at the age of 9 on the tails of my first symphony. I won the golden globe for best supporting actor at 13, and at 15 ran away from home, raising to Legionnaire 1e Classe in the French Foreign Legion before returning to my country of birth.

In 2004 Alma College saw fit to graduate me with honors in English. In 2007 University of Michigan tried to one-up them by graduating me from its School of Information.

I currently work for an internationally-known purveyor of pigskin-related products, attempting amass enough of a fortune to retire on a small private island populated only by primitive yet benevolent pygmies who worship me as their god.